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Recent Advancements in Karst & Karst-Like Hazards’ Investigation and Mitigation


Recent Advancements in Karst & Karst-Like Hazards’ Investigation and Mitigation














An International Year of Caves and Karst Event


Live Online Attendance, 4-hour sessions each day (1:00pm-5:00pm Central Time), March 23, 24, 25, 30, 31, 2021

or view Sessions anytime until Monday, April 12, 2021

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Bellefonte Nuclear Power Station, Intake structure, Scarboro, Alabama. Tennessee Valley Authority, 1971.
Nixa, MO Sinkhole. KSMU Radio, August 2006.

The Karst Hazards Forum (KHF), a virtual meeting, will address the three broad topics of Karst, Pseudokarst, and Anthropogenic Sinkholes [karst-like erosion due to human activities].  The KHF’s goal is to bring together specialists, who will explain these features and formative processes, their professional investigations and measures to avoid or mitigate karst hazards, and provide case histories of these hazards.  The forum will describe how karst impacts existing infrastructure, could potentially affect new construction, and may be avoided by land-use planning.  The most important element of the forum is the emphasis on promoting public safety.  These goals will be achieved by educating both practitioners and policy makers, who in turn affect public policy, in recent advancements in karst hazards investigations and mitigation measures; the information provided to the public on the risk of these hazards; and, the consideration of state legislation and/or private insurance.  The forum will include presentations and posters on how these hazards may be investigated, mapped, avoided, and mitigated, or have other risk reduction measures for varying infrastructure concerns (e.g., dams, power plants, tunneling, large structures, roadways, residential construction, etc.).

The three main topics will be divided into sessions, as appropriate.  Some of the anticipated sessions may be: investigation/mapping, geologic environs, geophysics/remote sensing, hazard/use categories (surficial material loss, groundwater contamination, groundwater supply, construction impacts), risk of the hazard, mitigation of the hazard, public information/protection, and case histories/virtual field trips.


Forum participants will be able to view the KHF live and ask questions and/or, with their registered status, view presentations, posters, and their discussion in the subsequent two weeks.   The virtual KHF is planned to be offered Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday afternoons starting on Tuesday, March 23, 2021.  The number of days and sessions will depend on the final number of accepted presentations and posters.

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